Click here to download the video of the 1st pass.

Click here to download the video of the 2nd pass.

Below is a video of N702PG taxiing at Wakefield Airport

LPBA is a unique international, non-profit association with members in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, that fills a special niche in the multitude of bar associations and affiliations of lawyers, pilots, and aviation aficionados. The LPBA has been in existence since 1959 and facilitates its members’ involvement in many aviation and legally-related activities. Membership benefits include a superb website and Facebook page describing LPBA and its meetings; the LPBA Journal, which is a valuable aviation law and information resource; and fun-filled, entertaining, and rewarding Summer and Winter CLE meetings.

You do not need to be a lawyer or a pilot to join LPBA. Though LPBA welcomes lawyer-pilots (and indeed puts up with them), you just need to have an interest in aviation, a desire for excellent aviation law resources, and an enjoyment of people who share your interest in the special fellowship that binds together people who like aviation and the law. The LPBA motto notes that we are “Dedicated to aviation safety, the just administration of the law and continuing legal education.” If you are too, you belong in the LPBA!

LPBA’s biannual meetings are a key feature, different from any other bar association meeting or CLE program you may have attended. Besides LPBA’s morning-only CLE sessions, which are always educational and entertaining, there are other planned activities for members, and for their spouses and families as well, ensuring that their LPBA meeting experience is thoroughly enjoyable. We meet in memorable settings; recently we’ve been to great venues such as the Resort at Coeur d’Alene Idaho, and the beautiful Waikoloa Hilton on Hawaii, where our members enjoyed fantastic Hawaiian experiences and hospitality. Our Summer meeting this year was in Williamsburg, Virginia and our Winter 2013 gathering will be near Disney World in Orlando; meeting and other valuable information about LPBA and our many activities and interests can be found on our website at and at!/groups/LawyerPilots/, our Facebook page. LPBA’s meetings also include a fun and beneficial silent auction, which has previously included aircraft refinishing, discounts on avionics upgrades, aviation artifacts, artwork, and unique vacation opportunities.


LPBA dues remain a bargain at only $119.00/year. LPBA also has the “Sustaining Member” option available for only $250.00/year, which provides LPBA members with great recognition on its website, at meetings and in LPBA publications. More information about the many benefits of being a Sustaining Member may be found on the LPBA website.